Will the printing industry survive in this digital world?

By April 13, 2018Davant Indy Blog

It’s no secret that our world is becoming more and more digital by the year…so will traditional paper-to-ink-printing survive?

But not without a fight and the dedication to create print material that will stand out.

The printing industry has stood the test of time and is going strong to date, but the secret these days it to become multi-faceted, not simply multi-channel. Meaning, the print world will have to keep adopting new technologies over and over. There are thousands of innovations going on around the world to strengthen the technology of printing industry, and staying up to date with the new inventions and adopting them at the right time is a key survival tactic to the success of the industry.

Currently, web to print is a main source of earning for printing companies, as is keeping an up-to-date, strong content-driven website. Additionally, new ideas of printing will attract people and they will come back towards the companies that carve out to the time to create them to market their products.

What does a successful printing company look like?

The successful printing companies today are smart about how they are structuring their business. They have 100% dedicated and well-trained staff in which problem handlers and specialists are required. They stack their team with brilliant people who can create new ideas and open new ways of earning, whose objectives and goals are narrow, straight forward and specific. The knowledge of digital marketing and branding of new products is key, and new blood in these organizations bring motivation where new ideas will float for making profits better.

Often times there is a lack of inter-department collaboration within a company, resulting in a lack of idea sharing and generating. The companies that create business relationships among all departments of the organization will empower the editors, writers, designers and readers to share their ideas and feelings and invent new ideas for the business.

Everybody wins!
These infrastructure characteristics are sure to set printing companies apart and help them survive in our digital world.

Who is the new target of the printing industry?

Many newspapers have also been revising content in order to target a more specific—and generally younger—audience. We have learned that the general population wants their news delivered in bite-sized packages. Serious, high quality print media can also rub shoulders with digital media successfully on channels such as Snapchat.

In an age of Trump, Brexit, fake news and filter bubbles, serious print media brands are winning younger readers with enquiring minds – those who are interested in hard copy media and want beacons of truth to turn to on digital platforms.

The thought that a new generation of readers is interested in credible media brand and also the appeal of retro media products that glory in their print status, was reinforced by a perspective from Francesco Franchi, Managing Editor of La Republica.

Franchi was responsible for launching a new print magazine section in the Italian paper called Robinson, a celebration of retro design and deliberate mixes up journalistic styles, visuals and subject matter. The ambition is to create something cool, young readers will want to be seen with: an intellectual accessory.

In summary, the print industry is not immune to digital disruption, but it will thrive by focusing on core engineering efficiencies to create competitive advantage. Expanding outside partnerships and innovating to create new products and services is oh-so-important. In the upcoming decade, flexibility and a willingness to experiment with new methods will likely be the factors that determine whether a newspaper, for example, survives or falters. Yes, The news industry has had a rough decade. Print readership is steadily declining, newspapers are closing, and journalists with decades of experience are being laid off. But just as other sectors, such as food and music, have swung from instant consumption and disposability back towards quality and authenticity, perhaps print media is swinging back from the brink. Understanding the industry in these terms, one can see many future paths for print media to take and flourish. Here’s to the next ten years!

How are you still using the print industry to your benefit?


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